Cat Beds

Cat Beds & Kitten Beds Australia Cats will sleep just about anywhere, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer them a comfortable, relaxing bed of their own to unwind in at night! At Hound Dog Direct we have range of cat and kitten beds to keep them cosy and comfy, and purring gently for hours. Our cat beds are snug and cosy, with a fuzzy cotton surface and soft cushioned bottom and walls for 360 degree comfort. Your cat hasn’t seen this level of comfort before! They’ll love their relaxing new sleeping area, and you can finally enjoy a bed that’s free of cat fur. Our cat beds are easy to clean, so when they finally leave the bed for a bit of exercise you can just chuck it into the wash for a thorough and deep clean. We know it’s important for you to have a cat bed that’s relaxing and comfortable for your kitty, but you also want something that will match and complement the decor of your home. That’s why we stock cat beds in a range of different colours, patterns, and styles, so there’ll be something to suit every home and taste. All our cat beds are made with premium, high quality material so you know you’ll be getting your money’s worth. At Hound Dog Direct we’re just as equally about the pets as we are about the pet owners. Buying cat beds online has never been so easy! We offer free shipping so you don’t have to worry about pickup or extra costs, and you can easily read our descriptions and reviews to know exactly what you’ll be getting before it arrives. Have a browse and give your cat something to be excited about!