Dog Beds

Trampoline Dog Beds & Dog Hammocks Australia Your dog is your best friend and as such you want to make sure they’re living in your home just as comfortably as you are! At Hound Dog Direct we have a huge range of dog beds to keep your doggie relaxed and put your mind at ease knowing they’re happy. Our dog beds are designed to not only be comfortable and fitting for dogs of all sizes and ages, but also come in various fun or minimalist colours and shapes to suit the decor of your home. We have hammock dog beds to keep your pooch off uncomfortable, cold, or hard surfaces, while making sure they remain comfortable and cosy at night. Our trampoline beds are easy to set up and pack away, making them the perfect option for a camping trip or family holiday with your dog. Our beds are easy to clean and lightweight, so you can carry them indoors or outdoors without a worry. We also have comfortable luxury dog beds for those pooches who demand a little more of the royal treatment! Put your pup to sleep restfully and quickly with our spongy wall beds that come with super soft cushioning to give your dog a break at the end of a long, tiring day. At Hound Dog Direct we know that pet owners want only what’s best for their pets, and that’s why we only stock products that are high quality, durable, and comfortable. Your dog’s sleep is just as important as your own, and if you don’t want them taking up space in your bed you’d better make sure they have their own precious alternative! A dog bed is not a one-size fits all item - just ask the Great Dane living with the Pomeranian pup! Luckily Hound Dog Direct has the variety you need. You care about your best mate, and as such want to ensure he has a good night’s sleep (or day’s nap). As such, the perfect dog bed is comfortable, appropriately sized and of excellent quality. We partner with only the best manufacturers to ensure that all these criteria are met in all the pet beds we sell, whether it's a dog bed, cat bed, a bed for another pet, or even an orthopedic dog bed. Naturally, size is the first consideration that comes to mind when purchasing beds for dogs. However, many pet stores carry but one or two basic sizes, with the assurance that “it’s big enough for most dogs”. However any poorly sized bed (whether too small or too big) can result in not just an uncomfortable sleep for Rover but also long term problems. Naturally, an undersized bed, in addition to not providing enough sleeping space, is very dangerous as the dog’s spine will not be properly supported. However, a substantially oversized dog bed can also be problematic (a very soft one can cause small dogs to injure themselves getting in and out or suffocate, while one designed as a firm bed for large, powerful dogs will be just as or more unforgiving than the floor to the smaller guys and little ladies). To make sure you dog has the best and safest sleep possible, we carry beds of all sizes; small dog beds, large dog beds and the hard to find extra large dog beds for the mightiest of mutts. Comfort is another factor. Every dog’s preference is different - this is easy to tell from their all too familiar habit of finding their favourite piece of people-furniture in the house. That’s why our beds for dogs will fit the most discerning canine’s taste. Raised dog beds will keep you dog off the couch at night, while a soft cushioned dog bed will appeal to those preferring a more decadent and low altitude experience. Has your four-legged friend discovered your memory foam mattress and swore he’ll never go back to anything else? We’ve even got small dog beds & large dog beds with that very same option - allowing you once again to fully stretch out when going to sleep! With our wide selection of indoor luxury dog beds, you're sure to find the perfect dog bed for that picky pooch. As these beds are investments, you’ll want to be certain their quality is up to par. Our manufactures craft sturdy, well made beds that are sure to last the test of time. For the dogs that believe a bed should double as a chew-toy, the tougher examples will resist occasional gnawing and persuade your pet to return to the more rewarding bones and balls. Our outdoor dog beds stand up to the elements. Amazingly, some actually offer a FREE repair service - so you can rest easy knowing any minor repairs that become necessary are readily available. Now, while our pets can’t tell a car shaped bed from a castle any more than they can discern a pink from a purple one, we can certainly appreciate a dog bed that’s not only fun but matches with the existing decor of our homes. With our huge selection of styles and fabrics, you’re sure to find a bed that matches both your home and your dog’s personality. These stylish options can be found not only with our indoor luxury dog beds, but the more affordable options as well. Hound Dog Direct goes even further to make sure every consideration can be met. Perhaps your best friend is older or a bit tender after a medical procedure. We have orthopedic dog beds that are sure to give them the comfort they need, or a simple soft cushion dog bed to make your best friend more comfortable. Does the family head to the cottage weekly? Highly portable dog beds and dog mats that are just as comfortable as their bulkier counterparts are available. Perhaps your pet enjoys sleeping in the great outdoors - we can provide you with a bed that weathers the elements with ease. Some pets can’t help it, they’re a tad on the stinky side. For that, we have washable beds and bed covers, and even odour-eliminating dog beds! Stylish covers allow an existing or otherwise perfect new dog bed to match your home decor, and inexpensive spare covers are great for when the main one is being washed. From indoor luxury dog beds to hard outdoor dog beds. Raised dog beds to an on-the-floor, soft cushion dog bed are available. Small, medium, large and extra large dog beds - and a dizzying variety of specialty dog and cat beds as well: Hound Dog Direct has got it all. To see which is right for your best mate, browse our various choices of dog beds, cat beds and other pet beds. Shop with confidence knowing our secure ordering processes will keep your personal details safe and that we'll send your new bed promptly so your pet has a comfortable, stylish place to sleep!