Rogz Dog Beds & Rogz Products You can really tell when your dog likes a bed. Just like every person, every pooch has a unique position for blissful repose. Some like curling up in the cushioned walls of a wrap-around dog bed. Maybe with their head hanging out? Or just a cheeky paw? Others like flopping out on a generous cushion, tongue out and legs akimbo. Whatever your dog’s preference, Hound Dog Direct has the Rogz dog bed of their dreams! The dog beds in the Rogz Spice Pods range are the latest in wrap-around comfort and security. The luxury pads in the Rogz Flat Spice range are the ultimate in dog bed indulgence with the freedom to stretch out and relax. Both ranges are available in a variety of sizes, colours, and every Rogz dog bed is reversible - so you can flip between two stylish designs! A Rogz Spice Pod or Flat Spice dog bed will brighten your day and make your dog’s night. All Rogz dog beds are made from washable Ripstop material - waterproof, dirt resistant and tear resistant for maximum durability and convenience. Browse our range of Rogz products, choose the perfect bed for your best friend, and Hound Dog Direct will ship it to your door for free.