Snug Podz

Rogz Snug Podz & Rogz Cat Bed Cats have minds of their own. You can never predict what they will adore and what they will disdain... Until now!. At Hound Dog, we think that any cat in their right mind will love the Rogz Snug Podz range of cat beds. The tactile, furry fabric and the deep, soft base is sure to beguile the haughtiest feline. The wrap-around cushioned walls provide a comforting, containing barrier between your puss and the rest of the world. No two cats are the same, of course, so the Rogz range of cat beds allows you to choose from a variety of sizes, funky colours, and contemporary designs. Because we all know how picky our purring pals can be. There is substance to go with the style too. Rogz products are designed with both your pet and his or her helper (you) in mind. Rogz snug pods are made from light, washable materials. To freshen up your Rogz cat bed, simply throw it into the washing machine when your cat is terribly busy on some very important business. Browse the Rogz Snug Podz range here online, choose the perfect bed for your best friend, and Hound Dog Direct will ship it to your door for free.