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Spoil your pets with the best in pet products and accessories! At Hound Dog Direct we’ve sourced the best pet beds and products to keep your animals happy, comfortable, and healthy. We’re an online pet store but we’re also a pet fan club, and we’ve got the best deals and products to keep both you and your pets grinning. 

We know how much pet owners love their animals, and we want to provide you and your pets with the best equipment to give you both a happy and fun life together. That’s why you’ll find a huge selection of pet beds to suit both your tastes and that of your pets! Your pet will spend half their life in their bed, and you want to make sure you provide them with a comfortable and relaxing space to enjoy themselves! At Hound Dog Direct we have a range of comfy beds to suit cats and dogs of all sizes. We have raised beds as well as soft cushioned beds that sit on the floor, memory foam beds, and luxury beds for those pets who prefer the royal treatment! We also have a range of outdoor beds for those who prefer to keep their pets outside - you’ll sleep well knowing they’re kept safe from the elements and are sleeping just as soundly as you are. 

We also know that owning a pet isn’t all just about fun and providing a relaxing place to sleep, and that’s why we also stock a range of pet care products to make sure you’ve got what you need to help out the little ones when it’s necessary. You’ll find a range of healthy and refreshing pet care products that will keep your animal’s teeth healthy and strong for years to come. Our fresh breath products are also aimed to keep your pets strong in other ways, with additives to help keep hips and joints functioning properly and your pet’s skin and coat shiny and silky smooth. 

Look through our pet products online now and find the perfect bed for a pet who’s truly deserving!